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Our Mission

The goals of the Sonar Bangla Foundation are to establish health care facilities throughout Bangladesh providing kidney dialysis services and kidney disease screening and treatment, laboratory services, and dialysis bioengineering training and development. The long term goals of the Sonar Bangla Foundation are to build a world class research-based university in Bangladesh with state-of-the art medical school and hospital and to contribute to the nation thru education and medical research excellence.


Literacy Rate


Enrollment in Universities


Public Universities

Bangladesh consistently ranks among the lowest in the world in literacy rate and school enrollment

We want to change that.

University Of Sonar Bangla

The University of Sonar Bangla is slated to be a world-class university, similar to MIT and Stanford in prestige within Bangladesh, that will build Sonar Bangla through teaching and research excellence. We will strive to build a model educational institute replicable to other developing countries, so that we can spread our mission all around the world for the better of our progeny. The University will be initially organized into three schools: a School of Business, a School of Engineering, and a School of Medical Sciences. It will offer education at par with international level in an academically challenging, research-rich environment designed to motivate students and help them reach their true potentials.

Our Directors

To achieve the impossible, we know that you need a team of only the best. From the very beginning of this project, our leaders have congregated a varied group of top-level professionals from a huge assortment of fields to form the ideal team to carry out our mission. These directors have spent both their time and money, dedicated to the cause we have committed our organization to, and want nothing more than to see it through the end. This level of passion is critical to the project, and is a very large part of our success to this day. They highly value feedback and advice, and have provided their emails and other contact information to make it as easy as possible to get in touch.

Our directors are committed to making change.


Health Vision

SBF is now actively engaged in building non-profit dialysis centres in Bangladesh

SBF Vision and project scope is enormous but not impossible.

We are taking step by step approach to reach its goal.

It needs expatriates like you in Bay Area, Sacramento, San Diego, Arizona, Ohio, Toronto,
New York, Houston, and outside US to be onboard to make this dream a reality.

We need your help to make it possible!

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