• Please help us NOW to raise the funds to procure PPE, masks and hand sanitizer for the dialysis center doctors, staff including nurses, dialysis technicians, biomedical engineers, managers, and other staff.

    Our target is to raise $50K to support all our 16 centers and other non-SBF remote dialysis centers across Bangladesh.

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Your donations support underserved kidney patients in Bangladesh

The Sonar Bangla Foundation (SBF) Research Program

The Sonar Bangla Foundation (SBF) Research Program is dedicated to enhancing the understanding of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Bangladesh, as well as improving health literacy, dialysis services. and public health education for CKD patients. SBF aims to understand the needs of CKD patients in rural parts of Bangladesh and to improve services countrywide based on evidence. The SBF Research Program plans to decrease the prevalence of CKD throughout Bangladesh.

Supported by the Bangladesh Medical Research Council, SBF’s renal research program is uniquely positioned to become a leading renal research institution in Bangladesh.

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  • Research Goals
  • Understand the barriers faced by CKD patients in Bangladesh
  • Implement screening and preventative services throughout Bangladesh for those at high risk of developing CKD
  • Educate communities throughout Bangladesh regarding chronic high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus